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Our Clients have successfully used our service to recruit their Accountants, Sales Representatives, Admin Assistants or Financial Controllers as well as Secretarial, Clerical and Data Entry staff. Whether for temporary or permanent positions, our Clients testify as to how easy and cost effective it is compared to using any other resources.

To place a temp at extremely short notice, we have the system in place to select the best staff for immediate placement. This means we can also select the best qualified candidates for permanent position in record time.



Matching résumés to job descriptions is only the tip of the iceberg in the recruitment process as much for junior staff as for executives. At the time of registration, each applicant is interviewed and assessed by one of our staffing consultants to identify his or her talents and capabilities.

 Knowledge of previous job performance, through temporary assignments and/or reference checking with previous employers, enables us to make the best match. Psychometric testing is also available on request.

We have a constant flow of applicants to provide you with an excellent choice of candidates. To save valuable time and money, let us find the right people for you. Back to list



Temporary Staff can be anyone from messengers, clerks or receptionists to executive secretaries, accountants, engineers, simultaneous Interpreters or consultants. They can be people between jobs and seeking permanent employment, freelancers and entrepreneurs or independent contractors.


For Companies, it is having the right people in the right place at the right time and at the right cost. All you need to do is contact one of our Staffing Consultants and we can provide someone the next day or sometimes even the same day.

We select people who have the skills you need to stay fully staffed during busy times while minimizing your recruitment and payroll costs.

For job seekers, temporary work offers flexibility, diversity, increased experience and career opportunity. It will supplement your income while pursuing other business interests or while between jobs. Make this your bridge to permanent employment.



  • To find someone when you are in a hurry or too busy
  • To stay fully staffed at all times while minimizing payroll costs
  • To adapt to business cycles and peak seasons
  • To undertake special projects
  • To cover for staff on vacation, sick or maternity leave
  • To take minutes of a meeting or conference
  • To provide simultaneous interpreters for a conference
  • To catch up on back log or meet important deadlines
  • To assess candidates before transition to permanent hire


  • To eliminate the process of searching for and contacting suitable candidates
  • To be guaranteed the person assigned is suitably qualified
  • To ensure your business activities remain confidential
  • To have a third party to handle human resource issues
  • To defer payment to the following month for services rendered
  • To easily and effectively manage flexible staffing strategies

Our candidates have all been thoroughly assessed and their references checked. Our appraisal system provides us with valuable feedback on their performance while on previous temporary assignments. In addition, they sign a confidentiality bond in order to protect your business interests. Back to list

Cost EffectiveFlexibleConvenientThe Best Available



Pre-assessed candidates are already available and those matching your requirements will be selected and re-interviewed by one of our Staffing Consultants before referral to you. To this point there is absolutely no charge.

A retainer fee is payable prior to interview by the Client of the referred candidates. This is deducted from the final introduction fee that is charged only upon the successful recruitment of a candidate. Rates are provided on request.

If you prefer, you have the option of a Temp to Perm arrangement, giving you time to put a candidate to the test before making your final decision. A search will be carried out if necessary.Back to list



Employee leasing enables your organization to secure skilled workers on long term temporary assignment, special projects, and in some cases on a permanent basis without the responsibility of becoming their employer.

B&EC employs staff on your behalf carrying out all the duties of the employer and ensuring the employees are adequately covered by employer and public liability insurance and receive the benefits to which they are entitled by law and any additional benefits you may choose.

This service is of benefit to local and international organisations restricted to a “head count? businesses not registered as employers or wishing to outsource this function to a third party.

You may either select the employees using your own sources or select candidates proposed by our firm at no extra cost. The level of salary offered to the employee is negotiated between the parties concerned. Back to list



Our association with professionals in Barbados and with other renowned staffing firms overseas creates an invaluable link to recruitment and career opportunities worldwide even in specialised areas such as the Hospitality and Construction industries. We therefore have the resources and the expertise necessary to interview and select suitable applicants in many areas of work.

These contacts create a worldwide database in addition to the many applications we receive directly from overseas. However, we do carry out searches whenever necessary. Back to list



This is the outsourcing of a particular function in a Client organisation or the running of one or more Departments under the direct responsibility of our Company. The standard of work carried out, the supervision, hiring and replacing of staff is all taken care of by The Business and Employment Centre (B&EC).

This service can be carried out on the Client's premises, off site or on our premises depending on the type of work. It can be anything from running a 24 hour reception desk to data entry. Back to list



Barbados boasts a number of simultaneous interpreters who have covered UN and other international conferences locally and overseas on a variety of topics. Highly experienced translators are also available for on-the-spot translation. Using local interpreters eliminates the high cost of travel, accommodation and per diem.

This is a very specialised area and only the very best and experienced interpreters are selected in accordance with international standards. The main languages available are Spanish, French, German and English.

B&EC undertakes all the administrative procedures and liaison between various parties to ensure you are provided with professionals who contribute to the success of your conference or meeting.

If necessary, we can arrange to bring in from overseas, simultaneous interpreters with the expertise required who have previously worked with our Firm. Back to list



Any personnel you may need to help arrange or assist at a conference is readily available. Should you need someone to organise and set up a conference, arrange travel, accommodation and entertainment, we will find the right people to do this for you.

We provide simultaneous interpreters as well as translation of documents on the spot or in advance of a conference.

Our Business Centre Staff provides additional secretarial and administrative services to the conference organisers and the delegates while in Barbados. Please see our In-Office services. Back to list


Outplacement is the process whereby individuals leaving an organisation due to restructuring, retirement, merger, closure and any other situation of separation, receive support and counseling to reduce the trauma of change and job loss and to help them onto the next stage of their career.

Customised programmes, provided by one of our associated HR Specialists, will help to enhance the organisation's image as a caring employer, minimise legal problems, defuse employee anger and frustration and help them think constructively about career choices.

The Staffing Consultants of The Business and Employment Centre will provide assistance to the displaced employees by finding them alternative employment or temporary assignments.Back to list



Through our partnership with Advantage Training Solutions Ltd, a Microsoft Certified Partner and training provider of choice for many corporations in Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and Guyana, we offer the following:

  • High quality training by qualified and experience instructors and consultants
  • Choice of subject areas in IT, Management, Productivity, Performance Enhancement, Customer Service and Sales
  • World Class Certification Programmes: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) & Certified Business Professional (CBP)
  • Flexible Blended Learning - Instructor-led classroom, or onsite training and mentoring; E-Learning and Learning Management Systems
  • Recognised by funding agencies to subsidise your training costs

Advantage TSL provides specialized assessment and learning modules in Customer Service and Sales in association with its partner, PROFILES CARIBBEAN INC (PCI).  Other offerings include: Customer Service Assessments, Surveys, Consultancy Services, Test Administration via Pearson Vue and Thomson Prometric and Search & Selection services for Technical and IT Professionals.
How does this partnership help you?

  • Access to even better trained "Temps" and candidates for hire through high quality Certification programmes concentrating on IT skills and Customer Service.
  • A larger candidate network through referrals from Advantage TSL and its Partners.
  • A "One Stop Shop" for staffing, assessment and customized training solutions to reduce your payroll costs and turn your investment into higher productivity and increased profits
  • Ensure, with your input, that job seekers are trained in the areas most in demand on the job market and require less training when hired.
These strategic partnerships provide comprehensive, all inclusive services to assist you in hiring, assessing, training and retaining staff to maximize their potential and increase your profit margin. Back to list

Our professional staff enables us to provide an unlimited range of services in our office using THE BEST STAFF.

All work is carried out with care and with the utmost confidentiality.
For quality work at excellent prices have your:
  • Letters, reports, quotations, résumés, word processed and laid out professionally
  • Flyers, business cards, invitations, programmes designed to look appealing
  • Documents photocopied clean and clear and spiral bound for added presentation
  • Letters composed when you do not have the time or if you need help getting your message across
  • Faxes sent to, or received from local and overseas destinations
  • Messages and documents sent quickly via e-mail, or browse the internet and send/receive e-mail from our office at your convenience
  • Telephone messages taken efficiently by our staff, whether you are advertising a service or are a small businessman on the go. Don’t miss a valuable call!
  • Events or meetings pre-recorded on audio tapes and transcribed to hard copy
  • Documents translated in a variety of languages with certification available
  • Minutes taken at a meeting, seminar or interview
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