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Staffing - General Information

Our specialty being Temporary Help Services, our candidates are pre-screened, skills tested, assessed and backgrounds checked and ready for placement at short notice.

Some candidates prefer "temping" but most are looking for long term or permanent employment. We are therefore ready with candidates for your job vacancies with no need for the expense of advertising in the press and laborious recruiting procedures.

Included in our service is FREE advertising of vacancies by E-broadcast and FREE internet based skills testing.

  • Accountants
  • Accounts Clerks
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Clerical Assistants
  • Executive Secretaries
  • HR and Office Managers
  • IT Technicians
  • Marketing Managers
  • Messengers / Drivers
  • Receptionists
  • Sales Representatives
  • And Others
  • People between jobs
  • Seeking a career move
  • Freelancers
  • Professional Consultants
  • Overseas Jobseekers
  • Returning Nationals
  • University Graduates
  • School Leavers
  • And others

Temporary Help

The answer to managing staffing costs
(Staff as and when needed - No recruiting - No hiring - No payrolling)

Temporary Help is the answer to managing staffing costs, maintaining productivity while running “lean” and preparing for economic recovery. Used strategically, the Temporary Help option provides advantages which include significant savings on fringe benefits, high price of absenteeism, turnover and recruitment costs:
  • Temporaries are available as and when needed and as soon as needed
  • We select and pay the person assigned and invoice for hours worked only
  • There are no hiring costs and no delays in filling positions
  • No need to review CV or carry out interviews – we know our candidates
  • Temporary Help is our speciality and you can count on us for high quality service
Our clients are large and small businesses in the private and public sectors. They use this arrangement to effectively and efficiently manage their operations and not only to cover for staff on leave.

Our candidates have all been thoroughly assessed, their skills tested and backgrounds checked. Our appraisal system provides us with valuable feedback on their performance while on previous temporary assignments. Each candidate also signs a confidentiality bond in order to protect your business interests

Permanent Placement


"Recruit the best without the Stress". Eliminate the expense of advertising vacancies and minimise the time spent on searching, selecting, testing and interviewing applicants. We maintain a wide selection of pre-assessed candidates in many different categories ready to match your specific requirements. We make your recruitment process quick, easy and cost effective.

If you prefer, you have the option of a Temp to Hire arrangement, giving you time to put a candidate to the test before making your final decision.

Temp To Hire

An alternative to traditional recruiting

Completely eliminate the search, selection and assessment process and delay the actual hiring until you are absolutely ready. We select, assign and pay a person as for Temporary Help on a flexible basis until you are ready to hire. How does this help you?
  • Spares you the time and money involved in the search and selection process
  • Allows you to fill a position immediately and decide later if and when to hire
  • Gives you the opportunity to evaluate job performance before hiring, or
  • Ensures the work is being done while you search for alternative candidates

How can you be sure we will select just the right person for the job?
  • One of our experts in this field will discuss detailed requirements with you
  • Candidates go through a thorough screening and assessment process
  • Appraisals from previous assignments give us valuable feedback
  • Our high success rate proves our ability to get it right!
A Temp to Hire option or Temporary Help is particularly useful in a slow economy and is a growing trend in the USA. And these options are available right here!

Employee Leasing

Employee leasing enables your organization to secure skilled workers on long term temporary assignment, special projects, and in some cases on a permanent basis without putting them on your payroll or having the responsibility of being the employer.

B&EC employs staff on your behalf carrying out all the duties of the employer and ensuring the employees are adequately covered by employer and public liability insurance and receive the benefits to which they are entitled by law and any additional benefits you may choose.

This service is of benefit to local and international organizations restricted to a “head count”, businesses not registered as employers or wishing to outsource this function to a third party.

You may either select the employees using your own sources or select candidates proposed by our firm at no extra cost. The level of salary offered to the employee is negotiated between the parties concerned.

Executive Search

Our association with professionals and other recruitment firms in Barbados creates an invaluable link to recruitment locally and overseas. We have an increasing amount of overseas applicants coming to our website and links to other international job site. We therefore have the resources and the expertise necessary to interview and select suitable applicants in many areas of work.

Psychometric Assessment, Profiling and for sales personnel, the Sales Indicator Assessments, a tool widely used to identify the common strengths found in top sales people. Please note that these services are extras provided by one of our associates Profiles Caribbean Inc.

Conference Support

Any personnel you may need to help arrange or assist at a conference is readily available. Should you need someone to organise and set up a conference, arrange travel, accommodation and entertainment, we will find the right people to do this for you.

We provide simultaneous interpreters as well as translation of documents on the spot or in advance of a conference.

Our Business Centre Staff provides additional secretarial and administrative services to the conference organisers and the delegates while in Barbados. Please see our In-Office services

Simultaneous Interpreting And Translations

Barbados boasts a number of simultaneous interpreters who have covered UN and other international conferences locally and overseas on a variety of topics. Highly experienced translators are also available for on-the-spot document translation. Using local interpreters eliminates the high cost of travel, accommodation and per diem.

This is a specialised area and only the very best and experienced interpreters are selected in accordance with international standards. The main languages available are Spanish, French, German and English.

B&EC undertakes all the administrative procedures and liaison between various parties to ensure you are provided with professionals who contribute to the success of your conference or meeting.

If necessary, we can arrange to bring in from overseas, additional interpreters with the expertise required who have previously worked with our Firm.

Translation of documents is also available in our office in many languages.

Outplacement Services

Outplacement is the process whereby individuals leaving an organisation due to restructuring, retirement, merger, closure and any other situation of separation, receive support and counseling to reduce the trauma of change and job loss and to help them onto the next stage of their career.

Customised programmes, provided by one of our associated HR Specialists, will help to enhance the organisation's image as a caring employer, minimise legal problems, defuse employee anger and frustration and help them think constructively about career choices.

The Staffing Consultants of The Business and Employment Centre will provide assistance to the displaced employees by finding them alternative employment or temporary assignments.


Through our partnership with Advantage Caribbean Institute Ltd, we offer the following:
  • High quality training by qualified and experienced instructors and consultants
  • Choice of subject areas in IT, Management, Productivity, Performance Enhancement, Customer Service and Sales
  • World Class Certification Programmes: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) & Certified Business Professional (CBP)
  • Flexible Blended Learning - Instructor-led classroom, or onsite training and mentoring; E-Learning and Learning Management Systems
  • Recognized by funding agencies to subsidize your training costs
Advantage Caribbean is a Microsoft Certified Partner and training provider of choice for many corporations in Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and Guyana

Other offerings include: Customer Service Assessments, Surveys, Consultancy Services, Test Administration via Pearson Vue and Thomson Prometric and Search & Selection services for Technical and IT Professionals.

Secretarial & In-Office Services

Mail Shots
Office Space

You can delegate your administrative and secretarial tasks to The Business and Employment Centre (B&EC) to save time while you concentrate on other important business. Whether or not you have your own office, we are ready to assist you at our new Kensington Court location.

We give your documents a professional and attractive look

We can keep your templates or letterheads on file ready for use and if needed design them for you. General correspondence, invoices, statements, quotations, estimates, agreements, financial statements, statistical lists, technical documents, resumes and applications letter, theses etc.

We provide valuable assistance in the following:
  • Construct mailing lists, mass mailing labels, flyers, forms, newsletters
  • Draft, edit and format letters for business and personal use
  • Help draft, edit and format documents, resumes and job application letters
  • Assist in style formatting layout for university or college assignments, theses etc. (APA)
  • On-line assistance in the new US non-immigrant visa application
  • Translation of Documents (Spanish/French/German/Italian etc)
  • Transcription of tapes and CD’s
  • Create functional Power Point presentations to your specific requirements

Our services are easily accessible
  • When you open an account, you can dictate letters by phone or send instructions by email or fax. So no need to go out in the traffic, we will email your documents to you.
  • We will send and receive e-mail and fax messages on your behalf, take phone messages, forward emails
  • Convenient and free parking at our new Kensington court location

An office available for your personal use

A small private office is available with PC and internet access. You may use the office for a small meeting or interview, for instance when meeting a potential client or when using our recruitment service and you prefer to interview away from your own office. (Reservation is required)